Monday, February 15, 2010

The Graduate Has Arrived!

Torker has produced a new bicycle with classic European sophistication and functionality. The Graduate is a great multi-use city bike that features front and rear drum-brakes and a 5-speed internally geared hub by Sturmey-Archer. Internal gearing and drum-brakes means durable, weather-resistant machinery that will function reliably in any kind of riding condition that the old New England weather can muster. And it comes standard with mud-guards (that’s European for “fenders“.) This would make an ideal bike for quick trips to the fromagerie, rigorous commutes, or just around campus. And at only $500, this is a ride that will pay for itself in less than 6 months (compared to an MBTA commute.)

It's funny how much the Graduate resembles the old English 3-Speeds that the Broadway Bicycle School has been known for reconditioning for years...seems like the rest of the bike industry is starting to catch on to what we knew all along. We really like this new bike and we think you will too; come on by for a test-ride today.

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