Sunday, January 31, 2010

We're now selling Taza Chocolate!

Broadway is now selling Taza Chocolate, made in Somerville, MA! We just made some delicious hot chocolate with the Guajillo Chili Chocolate Mexicano disc.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Best Folding Bicycle Ever... least that's what we think. Broadway Bicycle School became a Brompton folding bicycle dealer on paper this past December. And the Bromptons have landed. We knew they were coming, but they still caught us a little by surprise. It was hard to believe that Brompton could deliver 3 custom folding bicycles, hand-made in West-London, England to our door in less than 5 weeks. But they did it. Exactly as promised. Amazing.

If you haven't seen a Brompton folding bicycle in person they are definitely worth taking a look. You will be impressed. And, if you come on by and check them out we can show you how easy they fold and how fun they are to ride! Not to mention how much sense a bicycle like this makes in Cambridge and Boston.

Think about it. A bicycle that, when folded, fits in a closet or next to the front door. No more worrying about where to store your bicycle overnight. Plus, when folded it is small enough to carry onto the commuter rail or the T to make for some trouble-free multi-modal commuting. What models do we have in stock? you might ask. Brompton does offer a selection of Key Models, but nothing is standard. Every Brompton is fully customizable.

Handlebars determine the Model type.

S Type

M Type

P Type

You can choose your drivetrain.
Options include:

Single gear

2-Speed with a derailleur

3-Speed Sturmey Archer Hub Gear


6-Speed combining a 3-Speed Sturmey Archer Hub Gear w/ a 2-Speed derailleur.

You have 14 color options for the frame and the extremities. And the option to choose a Superlight frame with a titanium rear triangle and fork to further drop the weight on an already lightweight folder.

Did we mention that the Brompton folds in seconds? Check out that video! Wow!

We currently have 3 models in the store at 2009 prices!

S1E in Black - $845 - A bare-bones single speed. Speedy, no fenders, no lights, no fuss.

M3L in Red - $1000 - A 3-Speed with Fenders and a more upright handlebar. A perfect fit for Cambridge with gearing options for exploring the hills and dales around Boston.


S6L-X in British Racing Green - $1984 - A 6-Speed with Fenders and the Superlight frame with the sleek S Type bar. A great choice for a longer commute, with the Superlight frame and 6-Speed drivetrain bringing it on the train or trekking across town is no problem!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Facebook Raffle!

On February 15th we will be randomly selecting one of our Facebook fans to win a $25 gift certificate! If you are not yet a fan all you need to do is fan us before February 15th to be a potential winner! Click on the link to the right to visit our page!

Reconditioned Bicycles

Need a new bicycle but can't afford a new one? Rather be more environmentally friendly and buy used? We have a nice stock of reconditioned bicycles right now, including road, mountain, and commuter. So come on in and get one while they last! Once Spring hits, everyone will be looking for one. Our reconditioned bicycles are fully tuned-up by our staff and ready to ride.

Monday, January 18, 2010

We're Hiring!

We are looking for a new bicycle mechanic to join our team! No experience necessary! Stop by the shop for an application or click here for more information.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Classes have been Scheduled!

Come learn bicycle mechanics this winter - we have new Basic, Advanced and Wheelbuilding classes starting in February!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One day Commuter Bike Repair Classes through MassBike

Broadway is teaming up with MassBike this winter to offer a few one day workshops on Commuter Bike maintenance and repair. Come down and learn how to change a flat, use your barrel adjusters to adjust brakes and how to determine when the bike needs repairs. All the workshops are taught at our shop at 351 Broadway but you can sign up through Massbike.

$30 per class

Sunday January 17th 4pm-6pm

Sunday January 24th 4pm-6pm

Sunday January 31st 4pm-6pm

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hand Built Custom Wheels

Are you ready to truly customize your bike?? It's time for a Hand Built Custom Wheel! At Broadway Bicycle School, our trained mechanics can not only build you sweet wheels for your whip, but also help you choose what is right for you. Fatter rims to take the abuse of the streets of Boston or the woods of the Fellsway? Aerodynamic Rims to make you shave seconds off your races on your road bike? Generator Hub for powering lights without batteries, be GREEN! Any of this and more is possible with a Hand Built Custom Wheel. Your new wheel will be stronger than any factory built wheel and give you miles of happiness.

Our Prices on these wheels are as follows:

$48 per wheel PLUS PARTS (rim, hub, spokes, nipples)
$55 per wheel PLUS PARTS if it is an Aero Wheel (these are harder to lace) and an extra $.15 per nipple for these special sized
$10-20 per wheel to dismantle your old wheel and REUSE your hub if it's in good shape still

Alternatively, if you have wheel truing experience why not take our Wheel Building Class and build your own wheel! Only $85 plus parts, and you learn an awesome skill your friends do not know!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Above Freezing and We're Fixin' Bikes...

First Broadway blog post of 2010. We're still here working in the shop. Fixing bikes. Keeping your bicycles functional this winter. And teaching you how to do the same.

This year's been a little snowy this first week, but it is nice and sunny and even feels warm today.

Some Broadway updates for the first week of the year:

1. We decided to continue the bike sale. That's right. All bikes are 10 to 20% off. This includes in-store models and special orders. If you're thinking of getting a new bicycle in 2010 now might be the right time. Sale will be over on February 15th (President's Day).

2. There's still time to sign up for January Wheel Building Class at Broadway! The class starts next Monday, January 11th. Maybe you've always wanted to learn to build your own wheels? Or maybe you want a super-durable wheel for commuting, bike touring, racing, training or just plain riding around? Wheel truing experience is recommended. For more info check out our classes page.

3. This winter has already promised to be cold and snowy. We've got studded tires on sale - 10-20% off - in 700c and 26" sizes.

4. We've also got all of our fine Brooks saddles on sale - 15% off. Maybe you want one? I know I do!

Last, but not least, if you haven't seen this video, it is worth checking out. Wilbur Hall playing the bicycle pump in 1930. Awesome!

Hope some of you are getting to ride your bikes out there while the weather is a bit warmer today.

Today's Thursday and we're open 'til 7.

Stop in and visit if you are in the neighborhood!

And don't forget that we're open Mondays 10 to 6pm and closed on Sundays this winter.

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