Friday, May 1, 2009

New to you....

In addition to our selection of shiny new parts, lots of people come to Broadway to browse our wide selection of, not so shiny but nonetheless cool, used parts. Just a few gems that we found this week -
Handbuilt wheel with Campy hub and Mavic open pro rim 

700c generator front wheel and on the right a 700c 3 speed wheel 

Campy Athena crank 

 Suntour lockring 

You can find some great deals in the used parts area just keep in mind it's all "self-help" (there is lots of stuff and if we sifted around bins looking for exactly what you needed we couldn't sell it so cheaply!)  Also, we don't install used parts, so the used area is best for people who do a lot of their own work on their bike. Come check it out!

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