Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Above Freezing and We're Fixin' Bikes...

First Broadway blog post of 2010. We're still here working in the shop. Fixing bikes. Keeping your bicycles functional this winter. And teaching you how to do the same.

This year's been a little snowy this first week, but it is nice and sunny and even feels warm today.

Some Broadway updates for the first week of the year:

1. We decided to continue the bike sale. That's right. All bikes are 10 to 20% off. This includes in-store models and special orders. If you're thinking of getting a new bicycle in 2010 now might be the right time. Sale will be over on February 15th (President's Day).

2. There's still time to sign up for January Wheel Building Class at Broadway! The class starts next Monday, January 11th. Maybe you've always wanted to learn to build your own wheels? Or maybe you want a super-durable wheel for commuting, bike touring, racing, training or just plain riding around? Wheel truing experience is recommended. For more info check out our classes page.

3. This winter has already promised to be cold and snowy. We've got studded tires on sale - 10-20% off - in 700c and 26" sizes.

4. We've also got all of our fine Brooks saddles on sale - 15% off. Maybe you want one? I know I do!

Last, but not least, if you haven't seen this video, it is worth checking out. Wilbur Hall playing the bicycle pump in 1930. Awesome!

Hope some of you are getting to ride your bikes out there while the weather is a bit warmer today.

Today's Thursday and we're open 'til 7.

Stop in and visit if you are in the neighborhood!

And don't forget that we're open Mondays 10 to 6pm and closed on Sundays this winter.

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