Monday, January 11, 2010

Hand Built Custom Wheels

Are you ready to truly customize your bike?? It's time for a Hand Built Custom Wheel! At Broadway Bicycle School, our trained mechanics can not only build you sweet wheels for your whip, but also help you choose what is right for you. Fatter rims to take the abuse of the streets of Boston or the woods of the Fellsway? Aerodynamic Rims to make you shave seconds off your races on your road bike? Generator Hub for powering lights without batteries, be GREEN! Any of this and more is possible with a Hand Built Custom Wheel. Your new wheel will be stronger than any factory built wheel and give you miles of happiness.

Our Prices on these wheels are as follows:

$48 per wheel PLUS PARTS (rim, hub, spokes, nipples)
$55 per wheel PLUS PARTS if it is an Aero Wheel (these are harder to lace) and an extra $.15 per nipple for these special sized
$10-20 per wheel to dismantle your old wheel and REUSE your hub if it's in good shape still

Alternatively, if you have wheel truing experience why not take our Wheel Building Class and build your own wheel! Only $85 plus parts, and you learn an awesome skill your friends do not know!

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Broadway Bicycle School is a worker-owned and collectively run, bicycle shop. We specialize in expert bicycle repairs, bicycle sales and new/used parts sales. We also offer stand rental with and without teaching and run classes on basic bicycle repair, advanced bicycle repair and wheelbuilding at night.